How about converting that lawn into a bedroom for your child? Have you bought extra land to extend your home’s area? Do you need a garage built for your house? We are here to fulfill all these requests. House Extensions Sheffield, as the name suggests, specializes in extension services. Our professional team of builders has the required knowledge, expertise, and understanding to extend your home the way you want it. Additionally, we offer a complete range of extension services. Try us if you want a hassle-free, effective, and efficient extensions service.


House Extensions Sheffield is your one-stop shop for all extension requirements. Our house builders in Sheffield offer an extensive range of services to cover all your needs.

Different types of extensions we offer

There are many categories from which homeowners may select the relevant extensions they require for their house. Below is a synopsis of some of the most required services:


Usually, homeowners require this extension at the front of their house. However, House Extensions Sheffield also caters to back or side porches extension requests. We offer brick columns, walls, doors, and windows for typical installations. However, our house builders in Sheffield also offer plastered material for larger constructions. Additionally, our professional guide homeowners on obtaining a building certification for the extension.

Single Story Extension

Sometimes, homeowners request extensions to a single story of their home. They may require a new bedroom, a playroom, a kitchen, a home office, or a dining room built to meet their changing needs. These extensions require dexterous handling because the builder has to protect the rest of the building. Our house builders in Sheffield take great care when extending your house. Additionally, we check the house plan to ensure that the new extension synchronises with the current structure. A key consideration here is roof work, drains, and chimneys. We deal with all these aspects in the best way possible.

Two Story Extensions

Our team also offers complete multi-story extensions to your home. Generally, homeowners require this extension when they purchase additional area net to their house. Such works may require the removal of the existing salvage. House Extensions Sheffield specialises in this task. We take the utmost care to cause minimal disturbance for your neighbours during the extension. Additionally, our firm guides you on the required planning permissions you must avail of for this house extension.

Wrap Around House Extension

Usually, we combine a rear extension to a side return extension in this service. Homeowners may require this service to take their sidewalls closer to their neighbours. Furthermore, these extensions may increase the space of your living area or guest room. Call House Extensions Sheffield today to get a wrap extension for your house.

Over Structure Extension

This type of extension develops an additional structure over the present one. Usually, homeowners require an over the structure on the top of their garage. Our house builders in Sheffield deal with this task precisely. We provide proper support for such a structure to avoid collapse. Thus, you get an efficient and safe service.

Recent Works

Please consider the current projects of House Extensions Sheffield listed below. Our firm takes pride in these excellent works completed recently.


Extension works to your home require considerable care to avoid any damage. Additionally, housebuilders need to take care of your requirements as well. Otherwise, the final product may not reflect the intended extensions. House Extensions Sheffield takes a dedicated and individualized approach to such works. We provide the client with a free initial consultation to freely discuss their extension requirements.

Additionally, we offer a site visit before finalizing any extensions deal. This way, House Extensions Sheffield ensures that it can uniquely work on each plan. We prefer a customized approach to ensure client satisfaction.


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Recent Works

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