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A house remodel is the best way to enjoy modernism in your family house. You love the location; we understand its importance. We will remodel your current house to give it the dream look and structure you require


We offer a range of services in the house remodelling category. If you are unsure of the exact service you require, book your free consultation without professionals. Our house builders in Sheffield will provide you both a cost and service estimate for your required remodels. Additionally, we guide you for free over the best services to suit your needs. This aspect saves the costs of many remodels for the homeowner. Additionally, House Extension Sheffield’s team of experienced builders knows how to handle your case. Thus, your house is in safe hands.

Different types of remodels

Although we offer a complete range of remodelling services, we have collected the most common types below. These services are the ones that most clients require.

Exterior Remodelling

Your home’s exterior is the first thing you and your guests notice. Additionally, exterior designs, trends, and fashions change quickly over time. Thus, it is natural for many clients to require a complete exterior remodelling of their home. Usually, House Extensions Sheffield provides a complete exterior audit before initiating the remodelling. This way, the homeowner knows the energy requirements that they have to bear after the remodelling.

Such exterior remodelling may include

  1.  A complete change to the facelift of the house. Usually, you may require this service if you are remodelling a very old house. Such houses do not have facelifts that match current trends.
  2. You may require insulation of the home with durable and lasting material.
  3. In some cases, the homeowner requests for a complete roof remodel. In such cases, we offer the homeowner multiple choices to select their preferred roof.
  4. Sunrooms and patios may increase the convenience of your homes. House Extensions Sheffield provides this remodelling as well.

Additionally, our house builders in Sheffield provide many other services in the home remodelling category.

Historic Buildings

A historic building may be close to your heart for some reason. Maybe it is the home where your grandparents stayed when you were a child. How about a building where your family dwelled in the early 1990s? House Extensions Sheffield realises the importance of such buildings in people’s lives. We strive to provide the best preservation services for such buildings.

Additionally, these buildings usually have outdated material. However, due to our team’s skill and precision, none of the buildings we worked on faced any serious damage. Protect the house of your memories now by contacting our team.

Rooms Remodelling

Different rooms in your house require different types of remodels based on your needs. Here are some of the most common remodels

  1. The creation of family rooms is a recent trend. Old homes in Sheffield may have a smaller living area. However, House Extensions Sheffield can remodel it to match current trends.
  2. Bathroom and bedroom remodel align your living space to your needs.
  3. Kitchen remodels help to increase the convenience of use.

Contact our team now for more information on different other home remodelling services we offer.

There comes the point where the homeowner decides to remodel their house. Maybe, you want your family home to have a modern look. How about changing an antique home you bought to meet the 21st-century ideas. Additionally, some people require remodelling to meet their current family needs. House Extensions Sheffield understands all these aspects. We realise the importance of house remodelling to your comfort, safety, and convenience. Additionally, our team of house builders in Sheffield is aware of the numerous issues people face when remodelling their house. Don’t worry! House Extensions Sheffield is your companion for any house remodels you require. Contact us now, and we are here to help.

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