Internal Structural Alterations

Need some changes to your house’s internal structure? House Extensions Sheffield is there to help you! We provide all kinds of internal structural alterations, including window frame changes and door space addition. Additionally, we can merge and detach rooms for you as well. Our house builders in Sheffield provide maximum flexibility to homeowners. Our motto is to ensure that your home can reflect your dream house. Just give us a call for any alterations you need.

Internal Structural

Most homeowners face issues when deciding whether to proceed with alterations to their homes. Thoughts like, “Will my home get damaged?” or “Would the alteration even work?” clog the thoughts of most homeowners. We have House Extensions Sheffield realises these issues. Thus, our team works closely with each homeowner to understand their complete needs. Additionally, we offer a complete internal remodelling plan to the homeowner during the first free consultation. Similarly, they receive their cost estimates. These aspects help the owner to make an informed decision.

Types of remodelling we provide….
Kitchen remodelling

The kitchen is the unofficial gathering area of your house. Usually, it is the place where most homeowners meet every day. Thus, you may need your kitchen remodelled to make it more comfortable and convenient. House Extensions Sheffield specialises in kitchen remodelling tasks. We can perform both small and large-scale remodelling in your kitchen. Some specific works completed include replacing the kitchen bar, changing the appliance area, and providing space for a family gathering.

Bathroom remodelling

Having your bathroom crafted per your needs is an important aspect of daily comfort. Additionally, most people require specific changes to their bathrooms to match their individual needs. For example, some want their Jacuzzi to move in front of the window for an excellent view during their bath. Don’t worry; House Extensions Sheffield can fulfill this request for you.

Basement Remodelling

Basement remodelling is a technical task. It requires precision and precaution to avoid damage to your house’s structure. Additionally, poor quality basement remodelling may cause a flooded basement. Our House Builders in Sheffield have an extensive experience comprising many years to remodel basements successfully. Choose us for excellent work done in minimal time.

Roof Remodelling

Your roof is your house’s shield against snow, hail, and rain. Remodelling your roof requires extreme care to avoid any leakage during extreme weather conditions. Additionally, a damaged roof can ruin everything inside the house if it collapses. House Extension Sheffield takes a step-by-step approach to remodel your roof. We draw out individual plans for each project. Thus, we deal with your remodelling request in a way that protects your house.

Garage Remodelling

Want to modernise your garage or increase space for a brand-new car – give a quick phone call to Sheffield’s best house builders. Our team specialises in all forms of garage remodelling tasks. Additionally, House Extensions Sheffield provides ample ideas to the homeowner regarding their garage’s remodelling. Thus, we offer you all-in-one service.


House Extension Sheffield takes on a step ahead of simply completing your task. 

  1. Our team is available for you around the clock. 
  2. We respect our senior citizens and give them significant discounts on our packages.
  3. Our team employs some of the best and highly experienced house builders in Sheffield.
  4. We offer a free consultation to allow you an opportunity for an informed decision.
  5. We are transparent in our dealings – what you see is what you get.
  6. Our prices are affordable. Our bank account is safe!
  7. We are available for emergency remodelling requests.
Recent works

Please take a look at our most recent works below. All these projects are either currently in progress or have been completed recently…..

Internal Structure Remodel

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