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Loft conversions are an excellent way to add value and floor space to your property. Additionally, they provide a better way to utilise your roof. Most homeowners prefer loft conversions when their family grows. Also, such conversions help increase the space of your guest room. In particular, homes with less ground area may require loft conversions to increase their space. House Extensions Sheffield understands all these needs. Our house builders in Sheffield have performed multiple loft conversions over the years. The resulting experience, skills, and expertise ensure that we can handle your project in the best way possible. Contact our team of professionals now to get your loft converted.


Loft conversions are a technical task. Most house builders fail to realise the impact of a faulty loft conversion on your house’s safety. Additionally, leakage from the converted loft can dampen your products and appliances. However, you are in safe hands with House Extensions Sheffield. Our professional approach focuses on the best quality of services. Consequently, we visit the site and check for specific issues before quoting any estimates. Additionally, every client gets a free consultation. Our service’s charm is that we do not stick to our service if better alternatives are available. Our professionals consider your request and suggest alternatives before proceeding with a loft conversion. Why? House Extensions, Sheffield considers customer satisfaction as the most important factor. Contact us now for professional loft conversion services.


Time Frame

We offer quick services. Our motto is to provide quality services in the shortest time possible. Additionally, House Extensions, Sheffield understands that time is money. If we save our clients’ time, they feel more satisfied and are likely to return for further services. Thus, we complete most loft conversions in less than four weeks. However, we may require a longer time frame to provide complex services.


Types of Loft Conversions we offer

There are multiple loft conversion options that House Extensions Sheffield provides. However, below are the ones that most customers request our house builders in Sheffield to build for them.


Dormer Loft Conversion

Most clients prefer this service due to the simplicity, low cost, and time-efficient features. Here, we build a flat and simple roof dormer. Additionally, such loft conversions come under the category of extension works. Our house builders in Sheffield add more space to an existing roof in the vertical dimension. These conversions require minimal changes to the existing structure. Additionally, we can install windows and doors based on the customer’s request.


Mansard loft Conversion


Here, we raise the wall you share with your neighbours higher to build the conversion. Your original roof remains flat, unlike dormer conversion. However, you may require planning permission if you intend to raise the height too high. In such cases, House Extensions Sheffield’s experienced team offers you advice on the best way to secure the permit in minimal time. Additionally, homeowners with terraced houses prefer this conversion. Such a conversion adds to the external beauty of your house. It may also increase the house’s value if you intend to sell it anytime soon.


Hip to gable Loft Conversion

Homeowners with detached homes may prefer these services. Here, we attach a slanted vertical wall to the current house structure. Additionally, the cost is low, as the change is minimal. However, this small change adds a significant area to your living space. This design supports aesthetic pleasure and is suitable for mansions, chalets, and bungalows. However, mid-terraced houses may not prefer this approach.


Roof Light Loft Conversion

Let us add an area in your roof for light to penetrate. Contact us for details on this service.

Increasing space increases the comfort of your house. Why not choose our excellent loft conversion service to expand your current usable area? It will save the costs of buying extension land and paying for remodels.

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