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You have saved the money required for your dream house. You have an idea ready in your mind. You have envisioned how it will look. Now, you are looking for someone who can turn all these aspects into reality. Well- wait no further! House Extensions Sheffield is your best choice to get your fantasy home build at the lowest cost and higher quality. Our house builders in Sheffield spend considerable time on each new building project. We consider all your requests and formulate a concrete strategy to fulfil them. Additionally, our team provides customised services. Thus, your new house is what you want it to be: no more, no less. Call our helpline now and book your free consultation. Let us get your project started.


Most homeowners take considerable time choosing their housing contractors. Additionally, many house builders in Sheffield fail to provide the right services for each client. This aspect may reduce the value you derive from spending your hard-earned savings. Similarly, If the house does not reflect your requirements, you may fail to find full comfort in it. House Extensions Sheffield removes all these issues from new builds. Our team will provide you a free consultation.

Additionally, we will visit your house’s site. Then, we will draw up a complete plan based on how you envision your dwelling place. All these aspects ensure that each client gets the exact product they desire. Furthermore, our service offers you many perks.

  1. New builds are very expensive in most areas of Sheffield. However, our experienced team knows the methods to cut the costs of new builds. Consequently, the price you pay is lower than the competitor prices.
  2. Our senior citizens are on the top of our CSR. House Extensions Sheffield takes your retirement home seriously. We provide you significant discounts on our services. How about a good resting place for the later years of your life by opting for House Extensions Sheffield? Contact us now!
  3. Our professionals provide quick services. Additionally, we ensure maximum availability to our clients. You may call our helpline at midnight – our representative will be happy to respond.
Types of Houses We Specialise in?

In a word: all types! House Extensions Sheffield has cast experience in the development of all types of housing projects. Our house builders in Sheffield can build any house as per your needs and requirements.

Here is a list of the most preferred types of houses in the Sheffield area….. 

Detached houses

As the name suggests, these are standalone houses that are completely detached from any building near them. Most homeowners prefer this type of house to ensure maximum privacy and flexibility of production. House Extensions Sheffield provides the best output in this case. We can build gardens and swimming pools as per your need. Additionally, we can add any structure as long as the floor area permits its addition. Similarly, you can consult with us individually in each room.

Semi-detached houses

These houses are connected to some property next to them. However, they do no share living space. House Extensions Sheffield advises the homeowner regarding the ways they can match the physical appearance of both houses. However, a similar exterior does not restrict the choice you have for interior works. Similarly, these houses require care during building to avoid any damage to the neighbour’s house.

Terraced Housing

In the UK, you see these houses everywhere. This type has a single end wall. However, there are multiple houses within the area. The construction of these houses offers greater flexibility with space. Our team can provide you different designs to choose the best one you like.

Most people get to build their dream house once. Don’t ruin this massive opportunity. Choose us for the best build. We will build your house the way you want it.


Recent Works

Here are some of the most amazing new houses built by our team recently.  Contact us now on the helpline for further information….

Recent Works

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